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Praying from the Computer - April 2018

03.27.18 | Christianity Today | by Ken Custer

Praying from the Computer - April 2018

    Holy Week

    What a roller coaster of emotions in just a few days! The week began with anticipation, which soon led to grief and then Sunday morning came and absolute joy. So many emotions in such a short period of time.

    Have you ever tried to put yourself in the disciples’ sandals during that week? Imagine giving up your way of life and leaving everything you know to travel around with someone who claimed to be the Son of God—and then backed it all up with teaching like no one had ever heard before and who performed miracle after miracle. He was the most inspiring man who ever lived and you believed he was the long-awaited Messiah. He was going to make everything right in the world. You invested everything in Him. You give three years of your life to follow where he leads and then a day comes when you watch him die by crucifixion.

    All the thrill and wonder of being close to Him for so long suddenly leaves you with nothing but shock, grief and utter despair. Yet, before you can really come to grips with such a dreadful experience some women who also followed Him return from the tomb a few days later and claim that Jesus had risen from the dead.

    All within a few days.

    This year Easter is on April 1st. And it’s not an April fool’s joke. We have the greatest reason to celebrate and rejoice! It is something that cannot be said of any other religious leader.

    Jesus is alive and has conquered death!

    Easter is a time to remember where our source of hope is. The tomb is empty. If we set out hearts on the things of this world, we will be on an emotional roller coaster—up one minute and down the next. But the empty tomb reminds us that a better day is coming.

    Godspeed    Ken