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Praying from the Computer - June 2018

06.26.18 | Christianity Today | by Ken Custer

    Two words that frequently go together are patience and virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a valued attribute to have and it is something we need to be growing in throughout our lives. There are great benefits to having patience and the...

    Praying from the Computer - April 2018

    03.27.18 | Christianity Today | by Ken Custer

      Holy Week What a roller coaster of emotions in just a few days! The week began with anticipation, which soon led to grief and then Sunday morning came and absolute joy. So many emotions in such a short period of time. Have you ever tried to put...

      Praying from the Computer - December 2017

      11.30.17 | Family Life | by Ken Custer

        Do you know what your name means? A name was very important in biblical times because a name was meant to be a way to describe the person. When we go to the Bible and read Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth, the angel told Joseph to...