Food Bank

Suggested Item: Salt & Pepper


I am the coordinator of the food bank & Peggy Baker is the cocordinator. The people that help each month are Dan Meharey, Rich Kowalczk, Pam Kibler, Kelly Kibler & Tom Cramer. I have been blessed to have these great people helping each month for several years.

In November, the Food Pantry served 41 households with 104 recipients. 33 are legally disabled, six are veterans and 31 are children under 17. Eleven volunteers over both days served a total of 36 hours.
In December, 92 people were served. 31 are legally disabled, five are veterans with 31 children under the age of 17. 23 households receive SNAP benefits. We had 11 volunteers, two of which were first-timers, for a total of 48 volunteer hours.

Sherry Cramer | Coal Center Food Pantry Coordinator

Strong muscles needed! Lend a hand one Saturday each month from 9:3012:30. We are in need of two individuals who can lift and carry 50-75 pounds. Dates crossed out have been fully staffed. Praise God!

Dates in need of filling:

  • April 28 (one person needed)
  • August 25
  • September 22
  • October 27
  • November 17
  • December 22

January 27 helpers: Brian & Anthony Haschets

List the dates you can work in the comment section of your Welcome Card or contact Sherry Cramer at or 724-366-3784.


The Food Pantry is currently located in the attached garage near the basketball hoop at Grace Church.

With the increase of recipients, space has become tight.  There is a proposal  to relocate the food pantry to the garage in the right parking lot at the church. Check out these photos showing how packed it is in the current space when all the food has been delivered.

Storage is at a premium, leaving little space for the volunteers to sort, box and bag the items and for the recipients to process through on pick-up day.